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  • Successful electronics (SEC), founded in 1965, is the first manufacturer of ceramic capacitors in Taiwan. In April 1998, the company established a production base in shenzhen, China. In February 2012, the new factory in huizhou was completed. In may, the factory was relocated from shenzhen to huizhou. The company mainly produces ceramic capacitors, surge absorbers, X2 capacitors and other products, widely used in air conditioning, color TV, switching power supply, security control, computer terminal equipment, office automation equipment, automotive audio, communication terminals, energy-saving lamps, small household appliances, other automatic control systems and other fields, and sold at home and abroad

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    18718016994 (Mr. Zhuang) 13923849538 (Ms. Wu) 18675243693 (Mr. Peng)

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    New Tech Blvd.Tongqiao Town Tongqiao Industrial Base.Zhongkaigaoxin Dist.Huizhou City.China

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