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Established in 1965, success electronics (SEC) has been serving customers with excellent quality and reasonable price.

When many foreign enterprises still have doubts and wait-and-see attitude towards the mainland economy, the head of successful industry (huizhou) co., LTD., dare to try, and can grasp the opportunity to grab the business opportunity first. In April 1998, the company set up a production base in shenzhen, established a successful electronic (shenzhen) co., LTD., and occupied the market.

After a period of market training and many times in the economic battlefield under the fight to gain and improve, in March 2003, the establishment of a successful motor (shenzhen) co., LTD.; And develop a series of strategic positioning suitable for enterprises, achieve differentiated management, and form their own unique competitive advantages in the market.

Phase transformation:
With the synchronous advancement of new industrialization, informatization and agricultural modernization, the manufacturing industry has also been transformed and upgraded. At present, with a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, China has implemented the first program of action of the strategy of becoming a strong manufacturing country -- made in China 2025. Driven by the policy, huizhou new factory officially put into production of new automatic mechanical equipment in May 2012, realizing the flexibility, batch and scale of production. At the same time, the vertical integration and diversification of products have been realized.

After many years of ups and downs, under the wise leadership of the person in charge, the enterprise has been working hard for many years to develop steadily, and has been pursuing the dream come true. At present, it has developed into a well-known brand in the field of ceramic capacitors.

The enterprise culture

The business philosophy of the enterprise is: focus, simplicity, innovation and foresight.

The development course

In line with the management principle of "customer first, quality first and people first", the company strives to create world-class products and services.

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Taiwan Success Electronics

The company set up a professional production of ceramic capacitors

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